Dyadic Approach To Active Living and Eating Healthy: The DATE Study

A pilot randomized trial of nutrition therapy alone versus a dyadic approach for the treatment of health behaviour changes in older-adult couples

About this study

We are looking for older couples who want to have a healthy lifestyle despite COVID-19.

This study aims to compare two different methods of on-line interventions to change eating and physical activity habits

What’s Involved? You and your partner will participate in 10 sessions over a 4-month period.

All sessions will occur on-line

You can participate if both your partner and you are:  

  • Overweight
  • Between the ages of 50- 75 years and in good health
  • Are able to do physical activity 
  • Not following a medically-prescribed diet 
Interested in this study?

Email: couples.concordia@gmail.com

Call: 514-848-2424 x 2206