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Our research group is based in the Department of Psychology at Loyal Campus of Concordia University.

Address: 7141 Sherbrooke West, H4B 1R6

Our office is located in the Psychology building (PY), room 074 (circled red on the map).

Directions to the campus, by bus:

From Vendome metro station, take Bus 105. It will drop you off in front of the Loyola Campus, taking approximately 18 minutes. Enter the Psychology building through the main doors (large wooden double doors). When you arrive, please call (514) 848-2424 ext. 2297 and our research assistants will come to get you to bring you to our lab.

Directions to parking, by car:

At the Loyola Campus of Concordia University, you can park your car in the front row of lot P5, which is in front of the PY building (in the area indicated by a yellow circle on the map). The ONLY way to reach the parking lot is from West Broadway (you cannot access the lot from Terrebonne or from Sherbrooke). Turn from West Broadway into the laneway between the SP building (in blue) and the Cathedral (SI, in white) and turn on the first street on your right (before the P5 parking lot). Drive past the PY building and turn right into the small parking lot (there are 4 spaces). Do not pay for parking. We will provide you with a parking pass. Go to the glass doors next to the parking lot.

When you arrive, please call (514) 848-2424 ext. 2206 and our research assistant will meet you to provide you with your parking pass and to escort you to our lab.


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