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Our Research Program

Our research program investigates the impact of chronic stress on health and well-being.
Specifically, we examine risk and resiliency psychosocial processes (early life adversity, emotion regulation, interpersonal relationship quality & sleep quality) impacting the negative psychological and physiological consequences of cumulative or chronic exposure to social and environmental stressors over the life course.
In this context, we are also interested in identifying neurophysiological indicators of sensitivity to the social environment and vulnerability to stress, with a particular emphasis on oxytocin and heart rate variability.
The goals of our research program are to delineate the bio-psycho-social pathways linking chronic stress to poor heath and to develop novel interventions aimed at fostering better psychological and physiological adjustment to stress among vulnerable individuals.

We investigate the impact of chronic stress

Our research links neurophysiology with psychosocial functioning

We provide therapy

We develop novel interventions

Dr. Jean Philippe Gouin

Dr. Jean Philippe Gouin

Principal Investigator

Dr. Jean-Philippe Gouin is a clinical psychologist, a member of the Center for Clinical Research in Health and an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Concordia University.