Welcome to the Stress, Interpersonal Relationships and Health Laboratory (SIRH Lab)!

Our research program investigates the impact of chronic stress on health and well-being. 

The goals of our research program are to delineate the bio-psycho-social pathways linking chronic stress to poor heath and to develop novel interventions aimed at fostering better psychological and physiological adjustment to stress among vulnerable individuals.

What we do!

We investigate the impact of chronic stress

Our research links neurophysiology with psychosocial functioning

We provide therapy

We develop novel interventions

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Dr. Gouin is looking for a new research coordinator to join the SIRH Lab!

If you are interested in joining our team, learn more here: 

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Healthy Lifestyle for Couples During the Pandemic

The main goal of this study is to investigate how different types of couples’ behaviors influence changes in eating and physical activity behaviors over time.